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Getting thicker and fuller hair is no longer as easy as it used to be about a hundred years back. The environment today is a lot more polluted than what it was a century ago and people did not have to worry about the effect of free radicals in the air damaging their hair. Back in those days, women had lesser hair loss problems than they do now and the reasons were many. However, there are some common causes of hair loss and hair thinning among women today like the free radicals released by the carcinogens of vehicular pollution, work related stress, unhealthy diet, and lifestyle, among others.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair

It is not possible to treat poor scalp conditions resulting from lifestyle disorders with hair care products that work at skin depth. However, you will have to start using these products on your scalp once you have dealt with your lifestyle disorders, as the problem will then have to be tackled on the scalp itself. Washing your hair everyday and doing it with shampoo once or twice a week will gradually clean up your scalp of residue buildup and dandruff. These are among the primary reasons of hair loss, as they block the supply of nourishment to the hair follicles. Therefore, use a sulfate-free, mild shampoo to clean your hair before you apply any oil or solution.

Contact customer service to know more about products

The Keranique scalp stimulating shampoo is sulfate-free. Call up their customer service or visit their site to know more about the product. This shampoo is particularly useful in deep cleaning and stimulating the scalp to nourish and rejuvenate the hair follicles. Similarly, there are many other products for better hair care offered by Keranique. Do your own research too. Read reviews of the products of this brand before choosing any.

Read Online Keranique Hair Products Reviews And Buy With Confidence

Is Keranique Work

Have you recently found yourself staring at the mirror and looking at your dull and insipid hair with some amount of disdain? If yes, you are not alone. There are thousands of women quite like you who are dealing with the problem of hair loss, thinning hair, hair breakage, and pattern baldness every day in different parts of the world.

If you are one of them, you would not have the heart to take things lying down. You would search for options to reverse the trends of hair thinning. This is when you might come face to face with online Keranique hair products reviews, while you are carrying out some search for effective products and practices to tackle hair loss online.

If you are new to the brand, you would be glad to know that it is doing some amazing work in the domain of hair care and hair regrowth. It offers a hair regrowth treatment containing Minoxidil, which is the only FDA-approved ingredient to prevent hair loss and regrow hair. This product is finding a lot of takers and actual women have posted their happy experiences after using the product in online reviews. Many women have started using the product to regain their confidence, which was eroding slowly but surely with continual hair fall.

As a first-time user, you can procure the hair regrowth kit to get some of the most amazing products from the brand in one place. In addition to the hair regrowth treatment containing Minoxidil, the kit contains a revitalizing shampoo, a volumizing conditioner, and a hair lifting spray which you can use to get that instant volume and body in your hair strands. The shampoo and the conditioner are sulfate free and would keep your hair looking fuller and thicker with every use.  

All these products have received positive reviews from actual users who have experienced their efficacy first hand. As someone new to the brand, you can read these Keranique hair products reviews and make the most of the collective experiences that have been shared. You can then procure all the products you need to maintain the health and volume of your tresses without having to worry about whether you would get the desired results after the designated time.

Get Volumizing Styling Products To Revamp Thin, Fine, And Lifeless Hair

Women have different kinds of hair of which the thin, fine, and lifeless type have been increasing in number over the last couple of decades. Such women need volumizing styling products for their hair, but they need to look out for the right products that won’t harm their already weak hair strands. Too thin and fine hair looks dull and weak, and most women instinctively go for any attractively-packaged conditioner to get the volumizing effect. They need to be careful while doing so.

keranique1Research well before choosing a product

The best volumizing styling products are easily available in the market and you would know about them as easily, if you care to do a little research before impulsively buying just about any product that catches your fancy. The Keranique volumizing keratin conditioner is perfect for thinning and fine hair. There are some scam products too that claim to be just right for volumizing women’s hair that are thin, fine, and lifeless. You need to do your research well to avoid them.

Look at the safety aspect first

While looking out for good volumizing styling products, you need to look out for their ability to prevent your hair from going limp or getting weighed down just as an average conditioner does to your hair. After applying, there should be no heavy, waxy feeling on the hair or scalp. It should be perfectly balanced to moisturize and detangle your hair without making it look or feel heavy. As long as it doesn’t cause any harm to your hair or scalp, lack of result could be excused but aggravation of an already poor scalp and hair condition cannot be overlooked. After ensuring safety, you could look forward to the benefits of using such a product.

Get Back Thicker, Fuller Hair With Keranique


Ideally, all of us would like to have healthy, thick, and beautiful hair. However, many amongst us do not have any other option but to accept a gradual thinning of our hair, a trend we can do little about. This is far from the truth though. Women distressed with “more than normal” hair fall now have options before them. There are special products being formulated to go with their biochemistry that can rejuvenate hair and improve manageability, volume, and fullness. This is where Keranique comes into significance. This brand is offering an advanced hair care therapy to treat thin, dull, and lackluster hair in women of all ages and hair types.

So, what are the specific products that are offered from this brand? The product lineup includes a revitalizing shampoo, a voluminizing conditioner, a follicle boosting serum, a fortifying mousse, and a hair regrowth treatment with 2% Minoxidil, which is the only FDA-approved ingredient to treat hair loss. You can visit the official website to know more about the specific uses of these products and identify the products you would need to get back fuller looking hair.

You can use the revitalizing shampoo along with the conditioner to detangle hair, control frizz, and improve the luster, volume, texture, and smoothness of your hair. The fortifying mousse would be a great help when you are going out and need a product to get that shiny and healthy looking hair, which is also manageable. If you are looking for long-term solutions to serious hair fall issues, you can try the Keranique hair regrowth treatment with Minoxidil and free yourself of embarrassing hair loss within a couple of months of use of the product.

So, all you women out there looking for ways and means to maintain hair from thinning over time now have solutions you can depend on. You can visit the official website and opt for Keranique hair care products to get back thicker hair and regain the confidence in the way you appear.

Oatmeal: More Than Just Your Breakfast


Did you know the oatmeal you eat for breakfast every morning can be used to fight your acne? Don’t believe it? Look it up, oatmeal is a natural remedy for fighting acne. Oatmeal, when used on your face, absorbs and removes excess oil and bacteria from your skin, and exfoliates the dead skin cells off your face, thus helping to combat acne. It is also a natural moisturizer and effective against dry skin symptoms like itching, rashes, scales, and peeling. Oatmeal can be used just like beauty products. It can improve skin tone and texture by smoothing out the blotchy areas.

Oatmeal, which makes it a natural cleanser. The fats in the oat can be a great sunscreen. They make a protective layer over the skin to fight UV rays. Oatmeal also maintains the skin’s natural barrier functions and protect the skin from harsh chemicals.
oatmeal in bowlInto skin lightening? Well, oatmeal has skin lightening effects, if used properly. As you age, the collagen in your face weakens causing wrinkles. Oatmeal can help improve collagen growth and strength. Last but not least, oatmeal enhances wound healing like shallow abrasions in the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Care for Wavy and Curly Hair

What most people who don’t have curly hair don’t understand about it is the amount of work involved. There’s nothing prettier than a mop of bouncy, perfectly defined ringlets, but getting curly hair to look gorgeous on a daily basis takes dedication — and how you care for curls depends on what type of texture you have. We asked two texture experts — Morgan Willhite, Creative Director at Ouidad, and Tippi Shorter, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Textured Hair — to school us in the basic care and feeding of curly hair.

The One Thing All Curly Hair Needs

For every type of curly hair, conditioning is priority number one. “Curly and coily hair don’t get the natural scalp oils that straight and wavy hair get,” says Shorter, because “curls and texture don’t allow for constant brushing, which is how natural scalp oils moisturize hair.”

Willhite agrees. “More than any other hair type, curls must be conditioned regularly,” she explains. “In fact, even the simple act of shampooing dehydrates curls; the warm water opens the cuticle, allowing the cleansers to flow into the hair shaft and rinse out many of the nutrients. It’s the same thing that happens to your skin after washing your hands – they just feel dry. This is why frequent conditioning should be an automatic part of a curly girl’s hair care regimen.”

Both experts recommend regular, twice monthly deep conditioning treatments to keep curls in healthy shape. “I recommend using the Ouidad Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner [$26,] at least twice a month to combat curl-aggressors like the wind, air conditionings, and blow-drying,” Willhite says. Shorter swears by Aveda’s Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque ($29, “It provides extraordinary moisture and suppleness to instantly transform even the driest, most brittle hair without weighing it down,” she says.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

Wavy to Loose Curly Hair

Drew Barrymore

What it looks like: “Soft, less defined waves that are approximately 2” wide. Hair is curlier with length,” Willhite says.

What it needs: Loose curls and waves have the tendency to fall flat. “I recommend products that will add life to those looser curls and waves,” Willhite says.

Shorter adds, “You may need a mousse or light gel to combat frizz when styling.”

Products to try: A volumizing shampoo and conditioner, such as Ouidad PlayCurl Volumzing Shampoo ($16) and Conditioner ($18) helps give loose curls and waves needed bounce.

Style hair with an ultra-light mousse to define curls and fight frizz. Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse ($23.20, won’t weigh down waves.

Add a curl-enhancing mist for hold and extra definition. Fekkai Perfectly Luscious Curls Wave Activating Spray ($25, helps lock in texture.

Medium Curly Hair

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What it looks like: Willhite says, “Hair that is ‘classically’ curly has wide curls with good definition, bounce and lots of volume. Occasionally two types of medium curls are found on one head, a bigger, looser curl mixed with tighter ringlets.”

What it needs: “Curly hair is usually soft to the touch, but needs a moisturizing system to keep hair smooth and healthy,” says Shorter. “As for styling, you will need products to keep hair defined and frizz free.”

“Classic curls should not use a brush or comb on dry curls which will cause the hair to expand and contribute to frizz,” Willhite points out.

Products to try: To keep curls hydrated, use a light lathering, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner such as DevaCurl Low-Poo Cleanser ($18.95) and One Condition ($18.95,

Aveda Be Curly Curl Controller ($21, is a light lotion that defines and softens curls. “The consistency is a serum-like cream that glides easily through all types of curly hair,” says Shorter. “The hair dries soft and touchable with a generous shine.”

Paul Mitchell Twirl Around Crunch-Free Curl Definer ($27.50, combines a frizz-fighting gel formula with a moisturizing cream to help coax curly hair into perfect spirals.

Tight Curly to Kinky Hair

Solange KnowlesWhat it looks like: Tight curly hair is “a mixture of 1/2″ to 1″ wide curls throughout the hair,” while kinky texture features “tiny ringlets of mostly Z-shaped hair when stretched,” says Willhite.

What it needs: The curliest type of hair is also the most prone to dryness and damage, so deep conditioning treatments are important. “It generally doesn’t have the protective layer that all other types have, so hair is much more fragile,” Shorter explains.

Willhite says, “I recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase to reduce tangles. Also, air drying tight curls or using a hair dryer on low heat with a diffuser works best for this type.”

Products to try: Since tight curly hair is so dry, you can skip shampoo and just wash with conditioner. Try L’Oréal Paris EverCurl Hydracharge Cleansing Conditioner ($6.99, for a non-lathering option.

A leave-in conditioning product can also help moisturize curls and downplay frizz. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer ($20, has cocoa and shea butters to nourish parched hair.

Once a week in the shower, use a hair mask such as Ojon Dry Recovery Intensive Hydrating 2-Minute Hair Mask ($29.50,

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