Keranique Invisible Boost Dry Shampoo: Exclusively For Thinning Hair

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Smart women possess tricks up their sleeves to look great and glamorous at all times. This requires certain smart tools and products. Career women with ambitious job profiles and home makers with busy lifestyles don’t always get time to keep their hair squeaky clean. There are times when you absolutely cannot squeeze out time to shampoo your hair in a conventional manner.

It is at times like these that products like Keranique Invisible Boost Dry Shampoo come to the rescue. Dry shampoos are fabulous things. They help you achieve a fresh mane without even wetting a single hair strand!

This shampoo is special

Regular dry shampoos may be just a replacement for regular shampoos, but Keranique’s dry shampoo is more than that. It also helps to stop hair loss. It is laced with special ingredients and technologies that give hair a terrific volume and lift, plus help to create a favorable environment for healthy hair growth.

How to use Keranique Invisible Boost Dry Shampoo

You need not wet your hair. Simply shake the shampoo bottle all over your scalp and hair, keeping the bottle at a distance of 6 inches from the scalp. Blend the powdered shampoo with your fingertips for better application. Let it sit for a minute. Then, take a good quality hair brush and brush your hair gently.

Feel the freshness! All the excess oil and grease vanish. Your hair look freshly shampooed.

Of course, dry shampoos are only for emergencies. Please do not make a habit of using it in place of a regular shampoo, advise experts. Your tresses need a good wash with a sulfate-free shampoo twice or thrice a week. Keranique’s Scalp Stimulating Shampoo is worth a try.

There is no doubt that Keranique is for women who, despite being busy, are particular about their hair care.


Great News For Women’s Hair

Hair loss is embarrassing. Hair may be dead strands of protein, but they are an important part of beauty for both sexes. They make an essential part of your personality. Losing it means losing a part of your persona. That’s why hair loss sends people into depression or inferiority complex. Perhaps makers of Keranique have understood it well.

Men go bald; yet seems to have learnt to live with it. They may have turned it into a fashion statement. Many bald men look handsome. Some go bald deliberately. Yet, only a small per cent of men take their hair loss condition in a positive light. Others are still affected by it.

Women are affected more than men. They don’t go bald; but their mane goes super thin, which looks bad, to be precise, unattractive. Thinning mane is hard to style. Hair go limp and appear lifeless. For centuries, long, thick hair have been associated with beauty. So, imagine what a woman goes through when she finds locks of hair tangled on the comb!

Help for women

Keranique creators know the dilemma of women it seems. That’s why they have been successful in formulating a potent serum that promotes hair regrowth and curbs abnormal hair loss. In fact, they have produced a whole collection of hair care products that focus in creating volume and bounce on hair. The ultimate aim is to rejuvenate hair and repair damage.

Keranique Hair Products


From Keranique shampoo & hair products to an exclusive hair regrowth system, the brand has done it. The brand has given women what they were seeking for years – a powerful, workable solution for the dreaded hair loss condition.

If you are wondering where you must go to find such a solution, relax. It is easily available online! Keranique’s entire collection and its hair regrowth treatment kit are waiting for you online.

The Hair Loss Horror

The horror of seeing your hair strands all over the shower, floor, pillow, and comb is about to come to an end. Keranique promises to give you a satisfying experience in hair care.

It is said that seeing is believing. So, if you see the results yourselves, you would believe in them. For that, you must use Keranique’s outstanding collection of products. Results in the form of voluminous, healthier hair will stare at you from the mirror. Then, you will believe that there truly exists a hair care brand that revives vitality of hair.


Keranique Hair Products


Laudable hair loss solution

Experts are impressed with Keranique’s hair regrowth treatment. The fact that it uses minoxidil makes it more powerful than other treatments. Minoxidil has hair-growing property. Research has proved it. The FDA has approved the use of this medical compound in hair loss products in fixed concentration.

This is not all. Keranique shampoo & hair products, too, are designed in a manner that they produce volumizing effect on hair. They repair damaged texture and increase shine of tresses. They help to create favorable condition on scalp for healthier hair growth. Women with profuse hair thinning report that their manes appear fuller and healthier after adopting Keranique’s hair care system.

So, it is time to bring a stop to the daily horror show. Increase your mane’s attractiveness and health within the comforts of home. No need for expensive invasive procedures. Just a few clicks and you can change the fate of your mane forever.

The more you delay, the more you lose your hair. What’s stopping you? If it is the price, then you will be pleased to know that Keranique is available at slashed rates. Plus, you can also find a special TV offer. Two bonus gifts also await you on order of the brand’s hair regrowth system.

keranique hair regrowth treatment


This Hair Loss Treatment Has Left Women Speechless!

Words are insufficient to describe the wonders of Keranique. Women are happy. This is enough to conclude that the brand has something extra ordinary.

Digging into the formula

Keranique’s exclusive hair regrowth formula uses minoxidil in 2 per cent concentration. Herein lies the secret of the formula’s powerful working.


keranique hair regrowth treatment

Minoxidil is a potent drug of the medical world. Its basic function is to dilate blood vessels to lower blood pressure; but while it does that it also encourages lush hair growth.

Smart cosmetic makers have harnessed this wonderful quality of minoxidil. If it can encourage hair growth, then it can activate follicles to grow hair, right? So, with minoxidil as the active ingredient of Keranique, women have a powerful “weapon” in their hands to combat hair loss.

Digging into the hair care collection

Shampoo, conditioner, comb, brush, hairspray – you name it – you get it. Keranique’s excellent hair care collection contains all the basic products that a lady wants. The striking feature of each product is that it is designed keeping in mind thinning hair.

So, whether you use shampoo or conditioner or hairspray, you will enjoy the volumizing effect of the products, plus their health-enhancing properties.

What women say about Keranique shampoo & hair products

  • Hair become fuller and more manageable
  • Hair seem to shine more and their roughness vanishes
  • Hair are soft and silky to touch
  • The damaged look is gone
  • Hair attain such a great bounce and volume that they are easier to style
  • Voluminous hairdors are possible
  • Hair fall and break lesser than before
  • They become so smooth they tangle lesser and are easier to comb and style
  • Hair become more lovable

So, if your hair are thinning and have lost their attractiveness, you know what to do, right? Get Keranique.

Keranique Shampoo & Conditioner


What’s Abnormal Hair Growth Condition?


Hair normally grows around half inch every month. Each strand of hair grows for six years. It then stops growing. It rests a while on your scalp and then sheds away. The shed strand is soon replaced by a new one, which, again, grows for six years. In normal conditions, about 85 per cent of hair are in the growing phase or anagen phase at any point of time. The rest 15 per cent are in the resting phase or telogen phase.

Abnormal condition

Female Pattern Baldness is an abnormal condition in which hair follicles shrink over time. According to dermatologists, the smaller the diameter of follicles, the shorter the time of hair growth. As a consequence, when such hair shed they fail to be replaced by new hair. Instead, finer and thinner hair strands take their place.

Hair experts believe aging, genes, and alteration in male hormone androgen level to be the chief cause of such hair fall. Androgen level may fluctuate after menopause. That is the reason Female Pattern Baldness is also known as Androgenetic Alopecia.

Keranique treatment

Research shows that minoxidil-infused treatment shows positive results on hair regrowth. Minoxidil is basically a hypertensive drug and the only drug to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be used in hair regrowth treatment. Keranique’s hair regrowth system uses 2 per cent minoxidil. This is the approved concentration for females.

Mode of working of Keranique for women

Minoxidil is said to work by extending the growth phase or anagen phase of follicles. In most of the cases, it is found to stop hair loss. In a quarter of the cases, it is found to promote growth of newer and healthier hair.

Doctors recommend that you must start minoxidil treatment of Keranique as soon as you notice hair fall. Immediate treatment increases the chances of getting more pronounced results.

keranique hair-regrowth treatment

Through Thick and Thin: Keranique for Women

Finding a remedy for thinning hair has never been so straightforward.

Women have countless facets of their appearance to tend to. It seems they are always battling one thing or the other! Skin discoloration and sagging, wrinkles, and physical health are constantly nagging them to keep up, remain youthful, and look their best. To top it off, as if aging gracefully isn’t daunting enough, is the fact that many women struggle with unwanted hair loss, the thinning of hair on the scalp.

Until Keranique for women came on the scene, products to remedy thinning hair were directed mostly at men who were balding or experiencing a receding hairline. Women were left to use a product targeted primarily for male’s hair types, or alternatively, to live with embarrassing, thinning hair and a receding hairline. Keranique developed a hair loss treatment system for women, one that specifically works to regrow thicker, stronger, longer hair.

Every woman desires to have a beautiful, thick, full head of hair. And thanks to Keranique for women, lovely locks are just three bottles away. Here’s how it works!


Step 1: Scalp Stimulating and Volumizing

Keranique’s gentle yet powerfully formulated shampoo gets to work as it stimulates the hair follicles by deep cleaning, removing build-up, and promoting microcirculation to aid in thickening of the hair. Next, the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner deposits a keratin amino complex into the hair that helps thicken, fortify, and volumize, leaving you with noticeably different hair after the first wash!

Step 2: Treatment and Regrowth

Keranique Regrowth Treatment is special because it contains the only FDA-approved ingredient that has been proven to regrow hair in women. It reactivates hair growth at the follicle, strengthening and thickening new growth.

Step 3: Lift and Repair

Sprayed on after shampoo and conditioning, this treatment spray works strand by strand repairing damage and protects further damage from heat and styling. This clinically proven formula mends split ends and adds shine, body, and fullness as well!

Finally, there is a product that’s made especially for women that targets one of the biggest hair dilemmas to be faced! Thinning hair doesn’t have to be a burden or source of embarrassment. Scores of women are discovering what they’ve waited their entire lives for, and the clinical trials back up their findings.

Keranique Reviews – Introducing You to Gentle Shampoos for Thinning Hair

How does your hair usually feel after shampooing? You obviously know the hair is clean after the shampoo has done its job. However, does the hair actually feel clean and soft or dry and rough? Most women complain that their shampoo leaves their hair dry and the scalp itchy. The hair also feels stiff and is difficult to brush and style. Shampooing also strips off the natural moisture and oils from the hair, leaving them vulnerable to breakage and damage. Regular shampoos contain high levels of harsh ingredients such as sulfates. Although sulfates are usually added to enhance the lathering effect of shampoos, these chemicals can damage your hair in the long run.

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Women with hair issues such as hair loss or thinning hair need to pay extra attention while choosing their shampoos. This is because thin hair is highly susceptible to damage. For this reason, hair experts recommend switching to gentler formulations that will help deep clean the hair and scalp without exposing them to harsh ingredients. Simply browse through Keranique reviews and you will soon understand why more and more women continue to choose this unique brand to care for their thinning hair.

Gentle care for thin hair

Try the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo for Thinning Hair from Keranique and you are sure to love the way this shampoo leaves your hair feeling soft, smooth, and shiny. The formulation is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins that soothe the scalp, nourish your hair, and rejuvenate follicles so that your hair feels clean and soft. The shampoo deep cleans the hair and scalp to gently eliminate buildup, oil, and impurities without drying out the hair. The deep cleaning formulation even helps flush out buildup trapped in follicles. Unclogging follicles helps pave the way for the healthy growth of hair.

According to Keranique reviews, the shampoo comes with hydrolyzed keratin that aids in strengthening thin hair and improving its elasticity as well. Fortifying thin hair is important to minimize the risk of damage while brushing or styling. Keratin also forms a protective layer along your hair to shield it from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Rich moisturizing ingredients in the shampoo replenish moisture levels in the hair to keep it looking glossy, smooth, and youthful. The shampoo also works as a detangler to detangle fine hair and make it more manageable. You will especially love the fact that this shampoo is free of sulfates and therefore is perfect for use on all hair types. The sulfate free shampoo is also great for maintaining color treated or chemical treated hair.

To try this amazing shampoo that will nourish, protect, and rejuvenate your hair.